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Anti-drugs campaign organized at SN College Kannur in association with Social Justice for International Civil Rights Council,Kannur and NSS units of SN College Kannur on 17/11/22.
Recent incidents have brought to light the growing trade and abuse of synthetic and psychoactive drugs, including among children. Rtd. DGP Mr. Raman IPS said curiosity, peer pressure and adventurism for the sake of fun are driving youth in the 15-21 age group to drugs.The influence of drugs among teenagers is a cause for concern. We’re reaching out to parents, asking them to keep an eye on their wards and engage them in physical activities. Students staying in hostels are prone to substance abuse. We’ve urged teachers to create awareness about drug abuse among students, said Mr. Raman IPS .Common reasons teens abuse drugs include: Curiosity
Peer pressure
Emotional struggles
A desire to escape