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1. State Merit Scholarship

Eligibility : Should have secured 50% or more marks in the qualifying examination. Those who enjoy other scholarships or fee concession are not eligible. The income per annum of the parents should not exceed Rs. One lakh for degree. Application will be invited by the Director of Collegiate Education every year

2. Merit Scholarships to the Children of Primary and Secondary School Teachers

Eligibility : Children of primary and secondary school teachers alone are eligible. Should have secured 60% or more marks in the S.S.L.C. Examination. Students enjoying any other scholarships will not be considered. Annual Family Income limit One lakh

3. State Government Scholarship to the Physically Handicapped

Eligibility : Candidates should submit their application in the prescribed forms along with required documents such as medical certificate, income certificate etc. to prove age and educational qualifications. Photograph is necessary in the case of orthopaedically handicapped applicants.

4. Hindi Scholarship

Eligibility : Only those candidates whose mother tongue is not Hindi are eligible. The candidates should study Hindi as one of the subjects. Candidates who have passed the previous qualifying examination in the first attempt and scored not less than 60% marks alone are eligible. Application forms can be had from the Director of Collegiate Education, Thiruvananthapuram.

5. Educational Concession to the Children of Service Personnel killed or disabled in Action on the Front

Eligibility: Children and dependants of service personnel who have been killed or disabled in action on the front and dependants of disabled and now employed service personnel, if the annual income of such personnel does not exceed Rs. 3,000/-. One service certificate from the Officer Commanding concerned and another certificate from Tahsildar concerned to prove the relationship of the student to the service personnel and dependency certificate should be produced along with the application. The awardees will not be allowed any other concession or scholarship. If a student fails in any class or discontinues his course of study or the institution is changed he will have to apply for the concession afresh. The income certificate in the application should be attested by a First Class Magistrate.

6. Fisheries Scholarship

Students of all classes belonging to fishermen community are eligible. Students enjoying any other scholarships are not eligible. The prescribed application form and rules can be had from the office of the Regional Deputy Director of Fisheries.

7. Cultural Scholarship

Eligibility : Should who have won the first or second place in arts festivals at the University level. The application should be sent to the Director of Collegiate Education with the true copy of the merit certificate with the recommendation of the Principal

8. Single Girl Child Scholarship

Eligibility: Single Girl Child who had secured 50% or above marks in the qualifying examination can apply for this central government scholarship. (P.G. only)

9. Post Metric Minority Scholarship

Eligibility: Students belonging to minority communities; who had secured 50% and above marks at the qualifying examination are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

10. CH Muhammad Koya Scholarship for Muslim Girls

Eligibility: Muslim girl student who had securred 50% marks at the qualifying examination. Annual Family Income Limit 4.5 lakhs.

11. Kerala State Suvarna Jubilee Merit Scholarship

Eligibility: 50% marks in qualifying examination and BPL family.

12. Central Sector Scholarship

Eligibility: 80% marks in plus two examination. Annual family Income limit 6 lakhs. Students who get scholarship under any other scheme are not eligible.

13. Scholarship for Blind / Deaf / Physically challanged

Eligibility: Annual family income limit Rs. 2.5 lakh.

14. Higher Education Scholarship

Eligibility: 50% marks in qualifying examination

15. Student's Aid Fund (Sponsored by the College)

Every student shall subscribe a sum of rupees five to the Student's Aid Fund sponsored by the College. A committee will be constituted by the Principal including the representatives of the students of the college to prepare the list of students for awarding financial assistance from this fund.

16. SN College - Alumini - Abu Dhabi Scholarship

Every year the Abu Dhabi Alumini Association of our college is contributing Rs. 25000/- which is being distributed as scholarship to five deserving students @ Rs. 5000/- each on merit cum means basis

17. Sri. Manojkumar A.P. Memorial Scholarship

Instituted by 1979-1984 Commerce batch mates of Sree Narayana College, Kannur.

18. Helping hands scholarship

Instituted by 1990-1993 batch of Mathematics Alumni. Awards Rs. 5000/- to financialy backward meritorius students in each first year UG programme of the college.


1. Smt. R. Sarada Bai Endowment :

Instituted by Prof. R. Madhava Rao, first Principal of this college for students of the Final B.A English who secured highest marks in English for the second year examination.

2. Sri. Punakan Kannan Vakil Memorial Prizes Endowment Fund :

Instituted by P. P. Lakshmanan, New York for students who secure highest marks in Final Year M.A Economics and Final Year B.A Malayalam.

3. Mathematics Endowment :

For students who secure highest and second highest marks in Final Year B.Sc. Mathematics.

4. Prof. Viswanathan Endowment :

For student who secure highest marks in Final B. A. Malayalam

5. The Velayudhan Nayar Prize for B. A. English Main :

For student who secure highest marks in Part III of Final Year B. A. English. The Prize is awarded in memory of Prof. K. Velayudhan Nayar, the first Professor and Head of the Dept. of English in this college, whose initiative, in July 1963 resulted in the installation of an exclusive English Department Library and the inauguration of Optional English Language and Literature (Part III) of the B. A. Degree course in this college.

6. 'Jesna Narayanan' Endowment :

Instituted by Chemistry Association 2002-2003. Deposited amount Rs. 5000/- at Elayavoor Service Co-op: Bank, Kizhuthally Branch for long term (3 years) in the name of H.O.D. of Chemistry. The interest amount is payable to the student securing highest marks in the BSc. University degree examination (passed)

7. Satyavati Balakrishnan Endowment :

Rs. 1.25 lakhs instituted by Dr. Sandeep Gangadharan; USA., to two poor bright girl students one each to Physical Science and Natural Science.

8. Malini Sekhar Endowment :

Instituted by Smt. P.K. Rohini, Rtd. Prof. of Zoology, S.N. College, Kannur for the student securing highest mark in "Invertebrate Zoology" in U.G. Course. Amount : Interest of Rs. 10000/- Bank Deposit.

9. Gurudev Merit Scholarship:

Instituted by Dr. G. Anilkumar, Rtd. Prof. of Zoology, S.N. College, Kannur for the student securing highest mark in II M.Sc. Zoology. Amount : Interest of Rs. 10000/- Bank Deposit.

10. Smt. Chakkara Karuvath Susheela Memorial Scholarship:

Rs. 5000/- to a poor deserving Ist Year B.Sc. Physics student.

11. N.C. Jijeesh Endowment :

Instituted by Sri. Balakrishnan, father of Late N.C. Jijeesh, III B.A. English ( 2009-10) SN College Kannur, for the best outgoing student of final B.A. English, based on their aggregate marks/grade in English Main and Subsidiary/Complementary subjects of Ist year IInd year & IIIrd year. A yearly programme in literature too has to be hosted by the Dept. of English.

12. Kayith Sukumaran Memorial Endowment :

Sponsored by Dileep Sukumar for outstanding sports person men & women category. Rs.10000/- every year.

13. Sri. Mooliyil Kombra Kannan Master & Narayana Guru Endowment :

Instituted by Sri. C.H. Krishnan, Kripa, Red ross Road Kannur for the students who secured highest marks in history main amount interest of Rs. 4000/- Bank deposit.

14. O.P. Narayanan & Karthi Narayanan Endowment :

Instituted by Prof. O.P. Dhanalakshmi, for the students securing highest marks for the final B A Economics examination Amount interest of Rs. 10000/- Bank deposit.

15. P.A. Sadasivan Master Endowment :

Instituted by P.S. Indira, Rtd. Professor of Economics, S.N. College Kannur, for the students securing highest mark in "Public finance" in UG and PG Economics course. Amount Interest of Rs. 20000/- Bank deposit.


Instituted by PDC 1991-93 batch students of S. N. College Kannur for the final year B com students securing highest mark in the previous semester examinations. Amount: Interest of Rs. 25000/- Bank deposit.


Instituted by Mr. Harikrishnan, father of Soorya Harikrishnan, who demised during her studies in II MSc (2018) for the student securing highest mark in MSc Chemistry in Kannur University Examination. Amount: Interest of Rs. 25000/- Bank deposit.


Instituted by Smt. Renuka P.V, w/o Prof. N. Mukundan (Late), Rtd. Principal of S.N. College Kannur, for the final BSc Physics student who hails from Economically backward family and securing good marks in 1 st and 2 nd year university examinations. Amount: Interest of Rs. 25000/- Bank deposit.