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Department of Hindi

Welcome to Hindi Department

The Department of Hindi has been functioning since the inception of Sree Narayana College in 1960. The first Head of the Department was Late Prof. P.V Divakaran. He was a source of inspiration and the department made great achievement under his able leadership. The Department provides second Language education for the students of BA/BSC/B.COM/BBA/BCA. The Department actively promotes Hindi Language and Literature in the region.



      • To guide the students to the world of short story and Poetry to develop the capacity of creative process and communication skills .
      • To understand the grammer of Hindi.
      • To understand the process of translation and the qualities of a translator.
      • To familiarize of official correspondence in Hindi
      • To enrich the knowledge of commercial letter writing and the form and style of other letters.
      • to sensitize student to the aesthetic and cultural aspects of literaryAppreciation and analysis.
      • To introduce modern Hindi Prose to the students and to understand the cultural and moral social values of modern Hindi Prose.
      • To appreciate and analyse the dramatic elements in literature.
      • To understand the distinct features of Hindi Drama.