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Infrastructure Maintenance Procedure

In the college, there is a system of decentralized management upkeep and maintenance. Institution has a planning board and buildings and infrastructure committee to take care the maintenance and development of infrastructural facilities of the college. Library is looked after by a library committee comprised of Principal and senior faculty members drawn from Arts, Science and Commerce Departments. Whenever the funds are released from PD accounts, UGC funds, management funds or PTA funds, the College Council is convened and particulars regarding fund allocation are conveyed to all Heads of Departments and Council members. Library funds are allocated by considering the status of the departments, namely research, post graduate and under graduate departments. Heads of Departments are intimated by the Librarian about the requirement of journals and in response the Heads of Departments put up request for journals and books annually.

The purchase and maintenance of lab equipments is done by the purchase committee with the approval of planning board. The regular accounts are maintained by the Head Accountant under the supervision of Superintendent and Principal.

Sports complex is decentralized, utilized and maintained by physical education department with the support from Management and PTA. 

The maintenance of computers is done with support from PTA, Management and UGC. Annual maintenance contract with the suppliers ensures the proper maintenance of the computers.

Director Boards are constituted for the proper functioning of the Cooperative Stores and Staff credit Bank of the college.