Parent Teacher's Association (P.T.A)

To maintain and promote good relationships among the members of the Teaching Staff, Students, Parents and the Public a Parent Teacher's Association (P. T. A.) if functioning in the college. Parents/Guardians of all students on the rolls of the college during a year shall be eligible to be members of the Association, other than the teachers in the institution. The Association aims to provide amenities on the campus and to institute prizes and medals for the benefit of members and non-members. Administration of the Association is carried out by the Executive Committee formed from time to time as per the bye-laws of the Association. The term of the executive committee shall be one calendar year.
PTA Executive :
Dr. K.N. Kamalasanan (Principal) , Ex-officio President
Vice President :
Mr. K.V Jayarajan
Secretary :

Dr . A Bhaskaran

Other Executive Committe Members :

Mr. P Bhaskaran
Mr. K.P Sasidharan
Mr. Samuel Premkumar
Ms. Aruna
Prof. P.K Sasheendran
Dr. M.N Padhmanabhan
Dr. M.V Vasanda Kumar
Dr. K Anil